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Write about EditFast and make $10 for each article submitted.

EditFast spends thousands of dollars every year promoting your services and the EditFast site to the public. Now EditFast will pay YOU $10 to promote YOURSELF! (or your friends if you wish). In addition, for each article submitted you could also receive a link back to your EditFast profile.

How does it work?

You write a few paragraphs (minimum of 300 words) using one of the following three guides.
We send you $10!

That's it!!


Guide 1: An article related to any one of the site's keywords or keyword phrases (see details...)
Guide 2: An article about a specific editing software application (see details...)
Guide 3: An article on the craft of writing (see details...)

General Submission Guidelines

  1. 300 words minimum (No maximum! The more the better!)
  2. Article must shed a positive light on EditFast
  3. The writing must be uniquely worded, that is, each article submitted must be worded differently and must not be plagiarized from another site or work. Identical or similarly worded articles posted on the same or on different sites will constitute one article.

Guide 1: Articles Using EditFast Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Do you have a favorite piece of broadband application software or a tool that you use regularly in performing your editing, proofreading and writing duties? Can you write a short review of the software? EditFast will pay you US $10 for each article submitted of 300 words or more based on one of the following keywords. Please focus on only one keyword per article. ("proofreader" and "proofreaders" would be considered fodder for two separate articles.) Once complete, please send your article to me. I will review it for spelling etc. and if all is OK, you get $10! and a link from the article back to your editfast profile. (Applicable only to activated EditFast editors.)

You are also free to submit an article on any other keyword or keyword phrase not in this list that you think is a valid addition to the description of services that EditFast provides, but please contact EditFast admin to confirm.

List of Relevant Keywords

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Guide 2: Software Reviews

(This offer is open to all writers even if not registered with EditFast. However, only registered and activated editors will receive a link to their EditFast profile.)

Earn US $10 for any article of 300 words or more extolling the virtues of any editing/writing/text manipulation software or tool you have come across.

(NOTE: Only reviews specifically requested by the author of the software will be accepted. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted and will not be paid for.)

Do you have a favorite piece of software or a tool that you use regularly in performing your editing, proofreading and writing duties? Can you write a short review of the software?

I am looking for small applications that have a specific, useful function. For example, I use NoteTab (http://www.notetab.com) (not to be confused with NotePad which, unfortunately, comes with every Windows machine) as my text editor because I have found it very useful for specific functions like search and replace over several documents at the same time. Another is CopyPaste (http://www.copypaste-x.com) which is a small addition to your Windows (or Macintosh) system which allows you to save (even through restart) hundreds of small bits of text and paste them into online forms, letterheads, signatures etc. with one click.

Click here for examples of what I am looking for.

If you use an application like this, please send me the details (application name, Web site address, author name and contact info, useful functions). I will contact the author to see if they would like a software review posted on the EditFast Web site in exchange for a link on their site to EditFast. If they agree, I will ask you to submit a short review.

(NOTE: Only reviews specifically requested by the author of the software will be accepted. Unsolicited reviews will not be accepted and will not be paid for.)

This review will be sent to my "Editorial" subscribers with a link to your EditFast Web page profile and will also be posted permanently on the EditFast Web site with a link to your EditFast profile. The link on the software owner's site will point directly to this page and you will receive wide exposure to those who may need editing, proofreading or writing services.Click here to send an inquiry.

Guide 3: Articles on the Craft of Writing

EditFast will pay US $10 for any article of 300 words or more on the craft of writing, document preparation, publishing, etc. Please contact me with your proposal before writing. Once the topic matter is accepted you can send the completed article to me.


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