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A partner of Global Village Language Services: Editing, Translation, Writing, Publishing. All your document publishing needs in one spot!

We need research articles on topics targeting any one group of potential EditFast clients or users.

***NOTE 1 **** We are NOT looking for SEO keyword articles.

***NOTE 2 *** Unsolicited submissions without prior approval or articles submitted that are obviously of very poor quality will not be accepted or acknowledged.

With prior approval, EditFast will pay US $250 for each article accepted and a byline link to your EditFast profile, if you are an EditFast editor. If you are not an EditFast editor, you can still write articles and receive money.

How does it work?

  1. Before you do any writing or any research, contact EditFast admin to approve your topic.
  2. We would like to commission you to create a larger, more in-depth, unique and fully researched article (with references, charts, diagrams, tables and/or visual cues if possible) on any topic you choose, but it must be relevant to the purpose and goals of EditFast, EditFast's potential clients, or EditFast's users.
  3. You should be focused on one single but general topic. Focus on specific keywords is not required and in fact is discouraged. Use keywords naturally when and where required.
  4. Do NOT use SEO keyword tactics.
  5. Write naturally for human consumption, usefulness, and enjoyment and not for the Google bot.

To be accepted and considered for publication by EditFast, You MUST contact EditFast admin to approve your topic first. The article must adhere to the following requirements:

  1. ~2,000 words.
  2. Researched, in-depth, well-written article.
  3. Unique - as in not already available on the web and not rewritten from an article on some other site. All submissions will be thoroughly checked for plagiarism, article spinning, rewriting etc.
  4. Should be formally referenced, with charts, diagrams, tables and/or visual cues whereever possible
  5. Error free!
  6. Each article must be separated into distinct sections. Min. 3 sections.
  7. Each section:
    1. must be accompanied by a preview or "snippet" (compact precis/description of the section) of no more than 139 characters including spaces.
    2. needs a main heading using some keyword phrases near the beginning of the heading.
    3. has at least 1 internal sub-heading using some keyword phrases near the beginning of the heading.
    4. must be a min. of 500 words.

You are free to submit an article on any topic that you think:

  1. is a valid addition to the description of services that EditFast provides.
  2. provides useful information for any group of potential clients or users of EditFast
  3. informs potential clients of writing processes or editing processes that they will find useful.
  4. adds usefulness, depth and scope to the EditFast article archive.
Before starting, please contact EditFast admin first to confirm your topic.

***NOTE*** Unsolicited submissions without prior approval or articles submitted that are obviously of very poor quality will not be accepted or acknowledged.


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“I found a company called Demand Studios in “The Editorial.” I am now making $1,000 to $1,800 per week editing short “How To” articles for ehow.com. I'm loving it!” Judi
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