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EditFast Editors, Proofreaders, Copy editors and Writers in Chicago.

When only the services of a local Chicago editor will do for your writing project, start by looking at EditFast's team of qualified Chicago editors. You won't have to look any further.

Like all of our editors, our editors from Chicago must meet EditFast's approval before they can be counted among the best editors, proofreaders, and writers to be found online-or in Chicago. Each editor submits his or her resume and references for close inspection and must pass a series of demanding language tests before he or she is accepted. Then another qualified professional editor supervises the new member by double-checking every editing project he or she conducts. Only then does the Chicago-based editor become a full-fledged member of our team.

Take a look at the personal pages of our Chicago editors and see their quality for yourself; the vast array of their professional experiences and education help make the EditFast editors, proofreaders, and writers a well-rounded team. There is certain to be at least one Chicago editor who's a perfect match for you and your writing project. So why wait? Click on that editor's page link and ask for your free estimate today!

List of Editors, Copy Editors, Proofreaders and Writers in Chicago


1.Anzu-64975, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I am a published first-author with a MS & BS from Tufts University. I have experience in reading academic publications in computer science and psychology.
2.Neal-18894, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Neal can edit any area in which you write.
3.Shelby-57514, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I have worked as a freelance copyeditor/copywriter, as an editor for creative work, and in book marketing.
4.Erin-25680, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I work with a variety of texts, including, but not limited to, academic, scientific, political, governmental, educational, business and other documents. I have worked for many companies, including DHL, BMW, universities, etc. I provide quality editing, proofreading and translation services.
5.Marcus-62569, Chicago, Illinois, United States
This page is for anyone looking for an enthusiastic proofreader! I've been exposed to several types of medium and have proofread for teachers and filmmakers.
6.Elizabeth-24942, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Perfect proofreading and editing: articles, papers, web content, transcripts, etc.
7.Amanda-26018, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Excellent and detailed proofreading or editing for all types of manuscripts, technical writing, essays, and more. I have an eye for detail and penchant for good grammar.
8.Anita-57322, Chicago, Illinois, United States
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9.Tara-25555, Chicago, Illinois, United States
As a conscientious and efficient multi-tasker with valuable problem solving expertise, I draw from years of experience in the workplace. My friends and colleagues are continually asking me to proofread their writings. Grammatical errors are like flashing red lights on the page... I can spot them easily. I can also edit content and turn a C essay into an A+.
10.Carly-54578, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Professional proofreading and copyediting by a passionate individual with great attention to detail
11.Julianne-40242, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I'm a Novelist, Playwright, and Journalist based in Chicago with experience in Fiction and non-Fiction.
12.Olivia-66501, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Let me thoroughly and efficiently edit your writing to the best it can be, with concise refinements and organized thoughts
13.Katherine-61200, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Attorney available for editing, writing, proofreading, and drafting.
14.Bethany-7666, Chicago, Illinois, United States
My areas of expertise include health care and business communications. I have over five years of professional experience and am familiar with multiple style books. I provide fast and accurate editing services of all levels.
15.Gene-66789, Chicago, Illinois, United States
History and Economics Grad to edit and proofread your written work, papers, speeches, and anything requiring an English grammar expert/Nazi
16.Antonio-61637, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Affordable English Editor and Tutor available at your service at the cheapest costs ever.
17.Sophie-61044, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I have 20 years of experience editing complex content. I will ensure your writing is error-free and consistent.
18.Lenore-19948, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I'm a copy editor and proofreader with experience in educational publishing and some fiction.
19.Jon-17963, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I have edited and proofread journal articles for scholarly publications. I also have an in-depth understanding of the Chicago Manual of Style.
20.Rob-52899, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I am a skilled and experienced proofreader. Spelling and grammar come naturally to me. I have a strong work ethic and take pride in my work.
21.Kristen-19327, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Crisp and Quick Editing, Proofreading, and Document Development
22.Scott-16190, Chicago, Illinois, United States
In addition to detailing my professional experience as a Document Specialist, this page indicates my skills as a meticulous proofreader, imaginative writer and thorough editor.
23.Aaron-51853, Chicago, Illinois, United States
For those looking for quick and accurate editing of legal, technical, and other documents of substance, look no further than this professional who has written correspondence and high-level recommendations for government for over eight years.
24.Charlie-18874, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Are you looking for an editor? Someone with more than five years of journalism experience? Someone who values accuracy and promptness? This is your one-stop place.
25.Rebekah-40441, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I have expertise in editing manuscripts for publication in social science academic journals which are written by non-native English speakers. I have earned two masters degrees in Sociology and my copy editing and proofreading skills are exemplary regardless of the subject area or audience.
26.Laura-54637, Chicago, Illinois, United States
I am here to proofread any kind of documents you may need to help with. I am very good with time management so time will never be a problem. I also have an eye for proofreading. I am an expert in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access. Any request you have, let me know and I will do anything I can to assist you. Once your work is submitted to me, it is time for you to relax.

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