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Proofreading contributes to great writing.

Proofreaders and writers work hard together.

There is not a good or great piece of writing out there that did not have a good or great proofreader. A proofreader checks for grammar. You know, does that sentence sound right? Are those paragraphs in the correct order? There are some proofreaders that know the exact name of each grammatical mistake such as a dangling participle. Other proofreaders just know when they read something whether it sounds right or not. If it does not sound right, they know where to make the corrections but cannot give you the exact name of the mistake.
Proofreading begins with just a general read over the piece of writing. At this time, notes are made of mistakes that are standing out to the proofreader. There are particular marks that a proofreader uses to show that a word does not belong there or a word needs to be inserted. This would be done first.
The proofreader then goes back over the writing again, a little slower, and looks for grammatical errors such as a run on sentence or a sentence that ends in a preposition. Again, the proofreader uses the set of markings that signify whatever mistake has been made.
Finally, the proofreader will go back over the writing sentence by sentence. Now, the proofreader is being deliberately slow and precise, looking over the writing a third time, to make sure that each word, sentence and paragraph are correct. The proofreader’s job is to make sure that the writing makes sense to the person that may read it. Believe it or not, sometimes a proofreader will even ask another person to check their corrections just to make sure they have done the best job they can for the writer.

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