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I am a qualified editor and writer, with 3 years' experience in technical editing, working for the Australian Army. Having transferred from a Master's degree i

Client Kudos for Iaan

Project 4724: Hello Robert,

The service I received from my editor, Iaan, on the above project was excellent. I
will be using this service and the same editor in the future for other
similar projects.


Project 4845: The work done for me was very good and I am very pleased with my editor . Many of my reports are complicated technical reports and Iaan did a great job.


Editing Rates

Rate Per PageUS $6.95
Rate Per WordUS $0.23
Rate Per HourUS $41.67
these rates are not set in stone and are only an average for this editor. The actual rate applicable to your document will depend on the depth of the edit, the quality of the writing, the topic matter, the proximity of the deadline, the length of the document and several other factors.


Editor's LevelGold Star Level Editor Scored 94% on editing test.
Diamond Star Level Editor Test score 100% .
Gold Star Level Editor Test score 85% or higher.
Silver Star Level Editor Test score 70% to 84%.
Bronze Star Level Editor Test score less than 70%.
First nameIaan
Country Canada
City Toronto
Education degree MA
Major specialization Other, Editing & Publishing
Second specialization Other, Creative Writing
First language English
Areas of specialization Not selected

Work experience

Previous Occupation (in Australia): Technical Editor, Department of Defence, Australian Army
Editing Experience in Years: 3

General description of duties:

• Management of the editorial process and review cycle, working as a second-in-charge to the chief editor.
• Managed a small team of editors, overseeing workflow, product throughput, training, task allocation and dispute resolution.
• With an average output of 1 publication every 2 weeks, time-management and tight organisation was an absolute must.
• Excellent knowledge of editorial conventions, markings and processes, both online with content management systems and on paper with traditional editing markup.

Specific skills, accountabilities and duties:

Ensured consistent application of styles for the following:
• engineering equations (simple, algebraic and extremely complex non-linear physics-related equations),
• step-by-step procedures and manuals,
• computer software manuals and guides,
• maintenance manuals and guides,
• assembly instructions,
• error and damage reports,
• equipment condition reports,
• scientific reports, manuals and guides (physics and chemistry),
• design schematics,
• deployment maps,
• equipment graphics (including complex keyed graphics detailing components of equipment),
• bibliographies and references lists,
• glossaries,
• equipment allocation tables,
• personnel allocation tables,
• mathematical work-out tables,
• distance tables,
• numbered-style reports,
• headings, styles and paragraph formatting,
• text size and font choice,
• character and line spacing and kerning,
• hyphenation, breaking and non-breaking spaces,
• abbreviations.

Undertook duties such as the following:
• ensuring appropriate word choice for the meaning intended, audience and context of the publication,
• organising meetings between the content writers and the editors and desktop publishers,
• creating and maintaining MS Excel databases and spreadsheets,
• advanced use of MS Word: track-changes, templates, style templates, PDF export and import, tables and forms,
• conducting and organising research for best-practices documentation,
• creating and editing PDF documents.

Computer experience

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, MS Office 2007 & 2003 (full suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Access, Groove, InfoPath, Outlook, Publisher), Windows Vista, Quark Express.

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