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Grammar Rules

Grammar rules are the dos and don'ts that are required for proper usage of any language. Grammar rules are determined by the syntax of that language. When rules help us express ourselves well, then they are worth obeying and learning. Where they do worse things like change the meaning of a sentence, they should be rejected. Some grammar rules that should be remembered by every English writer include:

- Its wrong to terminate a sentence using a preposition

- You should avoid splitting infinitives.

- Use the word "which" with non restrictive clauses and "that" with restrictive clauses. For example, I fed the cock that crowed. I fed the cock, which crowed.

- Someone would be making an error if they started a sentence with "but" or "and."

- It's wrong to say "hopefully." Instead a speaker should say "I'm hopeful" or "It is hoped."

- You should not describe healthy food as healthful but healthy.

- The word none comes from two words "not one" or "no one" therefore always use it in singular.

- The word "since" should always refer to the aspect of time.

- Never use the word "like" as a conjunction.

- When receiving a phone you are suppose to say, "This is I" or "This is she speaking."

- Use "whom" when it's the object of a sentence.

- The word "Aint" is not an English word.

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