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Nine Ways to Increase Your Coverage on the Net!

1) Get five dollars for each link to EditFast!

EditFast will pay you five dollars for every new incoming link. Place a link to an EditFast web page on another site and you will receive five dollars! This can even be a link to YOUR EditFast profile page!

How Does it Work?

Simply place the link on the site and notify EditFast of the location of this link. EditFast will review the link and make payment if it adheres to the guidelines below.


  1. Submissions to sites disseminating porn, violence, racism, hate, war, terrorism, religious fanaticism or any other offensive subject are not appreciated and will not be accepted.
  2. Links placed on "Free for all" link farms and classified ad sites will not be accepted.

2) Earn $10 for writing:

EditFast spends thousands of dollars every year promoting your skills and services and the EditFast site to the public. Now EditFast will pay you to promote yourself!
  1. articles about EditFast
  2. software reviews
  3. keyword and key phrase focused articles
  4. articles about the craft of writing

How does it work? Click here to find out

EditFast is all about getting your profile in front of potential clients. The EditFast system was designed with this in mind and provides you with many opportunities to promote your skills. The following are just some of the ways you can promote yourself:

3) Create Your "Location" Pages

Increase your exposure to clients by adding up to three more public Web pages linked to your EditFast profile. Click here to find out how:

4) Create Specialization Pages

Creating additional pages will enhance your coverage on the net and increase the chances that clients will find you when they come to the EditFast Web site and use the "Specialization" search function at the top left of every public page. You are free to create as many pages as you wish.

To create your first Specialization Page, click here

5) Link to the Rest of the World

This is the number one way to improve the ranking of your page in the search engine results list. There is a definite increase in traffic to pages that have outside links coming to them. If you can convince your friends, family, and acquaintances to put a link to your EditFast profile on their Web site, it will help immensely. Not only will the traffic increase as a direct result of more people seeing the link to your page, but the search engines will rank your page higher in "popularity" if it has outside links.

6) Submit an Article

Submit a short article for publication in The Editorial, EditFast's monthly E-zine. This article can be anything to do with editing, writing, proofreading or indexing--tips, tricks, hints and anecdotes. EditFast has the final say on what gets published and what does not.

This article will get sent to all The Editorial subscribers and it will also get posted on the EditFast Web site. Your byline and a link to your EditFast Web page will be at the top of each article you write. This will increase the traffic to your EditFast Web page and bring potential clients your way.

7) Write a Review

If you know of any software which has helped you in your editing, writing, proofreading or indexing tasks you can send the author name, Web site address and contact info to me. I will contact the author and ask them if they would like a free review of their software posted on the EditFast site. (Please do not contact them directly as it would be confusing for the author/company to be dealing with two people and I need to be involved in this process.) This article can be a review of any software you have used for editing, writing, proofreading, or indexing. DO NOT submit unsolicited reviews. Wait until I contact the software authors to see if they would like us to do this. Each review will be posted on the EditFast site and your byline and a link to your EditFast Web page will be posted at the top of the review. The software authors will also post a link to the review (and indirectly to your page) on their site. If they do not, then I will not ask you for the review.

8) Relevancy

The relevancy of the text on your Web page is an important consideration if you want the search engines to rank your page. You are free to adjust the text on your profile page to be more search engine friendly by including your keywords in the actual text of your page. The text relevancy is determined by the ratio of the keywords in your text to the keywords in the keyword field on the Web page builder form. (That is a simplified version of the process). Click here to check your page text relevancy now.

9) Upgrade Your Membership

Click here to take a look at the benefits of a paid membership at EditFast

To upgrade your membership click here

You can also login to your editor area and click "Upgrade Membership" at the top of the left menu.

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