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Membership Options

EditFast has two membership types:

    1. Free
    2. Paid

To be eligible for the paid membership option you must have completed the EditFast registration process including the following steps:

    1. Register as an editor with EditFast
    2. Pass the editing tests
    3. Accept the non-disclosure agreement
    4. Create your EditFast Web page profile
    5. Pass the EditFast admin review
    6. Select the Paid membership option of your choice and make payment through PayPal

Paid Membership Options
There are three paid membership options which provide the same benefits for different time periods:

    1. One month—US $14.95 monthly recurring payment subscription through
    2. Six months—US $79.00 every six months recurring payment subscription through
    3. One year—US $149.00 yearly recurring payment subscription through

All three options offer the following benefits:

1. Top Listing in the EditFast Search Results
Clients find your EditFast profile by entering search terms/keywords in the search function at the top left of every public page. Editors who have subscribed to the EditFast membership will receive high ranking in the search results for the keywords that the editors have selected. When two or more editors have selected the same keywords, the high position will be randomly rotated among them. Those who select the yearly membership will receive preferred status and, for the same keywords, their profile will appear above those who have selected either the six month or the monthly membership.

2. Preferred Editor Status
All editors who have subscribed to the EditFast membership will receive "Preferred Editor" status which will be indicated with "RobertEditFast Preferred ChoiceRobert has acquired Preferred Editor status and is EditFast's recommended choice." on the editor's EditFast profile as well as on the short description of the editor's profile on the EditFast search results pages.

3. Editor of the Day
When you subscribe to the membership option your profile will receive additional exposure as the "Editor of the Day." Each member will be rotated in the “Editor of the Day” position at the top right of every public page. This will include your picture (for those who do not wish to use a picture, a generic silhouette will be used), a link to your EditFast profile, and a link to the "Contact this Editor" form.

*NOTE: Subscriptions may be cancelled whenever you wish through your PayPal account or by notifying the EditFast Admin. The unused portion left in your account will be refunded.

*NOTE: EditFast is a freelance opportunity. Signing up for the membership places your profile high on the list of search results. This means clients searching for editors will see your profile first. It also means clients will see the EditFast recommendation. (If you mouseover the medal icon "RobertEditFast Preferred ChoiceRobert has acquired Preferred Editor status and is EditFast's recommended choice." you will see this recommendation displayed in the tooltip.) More exposure to potential clients will increase the opportunity for those clients to select you as their editor. We do not guarantee work to any editor at any time.

Resume Builder

All editors must complete the Resume Builder forms to the best of their ability. Clients have the ability to search for an editor from the Clients' Resource Area using a variety of parameters of their own choosing. The client may have very specific needs, therefore, the more information you supply in the Resume Builder the better your chances of landing a project that is suited to your skills and specializations.

Some of the information from these forms is used on your Editors' Profile Page which is only available to clients of Editfast and the EditFast administration. Likewise, some of the information is used on your EditFast Web page but this page is available to the general public.

For your protection, personal information such as full name, telephone number, email address, mailing address etc., is only available to the EditFast administration and will never be given out to any person or any company without your consent.

Web Page Builder

The EditFast Web Page Builder is your link to the world. Clients everywhere will be able to find your web page using a search engine like Yahoo! or Google. Once you complete the Web Page Builder form your EditFast personal web page will be available to the general public and will be found with the search engines within a month of its completion.

The personal Web page serves two purposes:

  • It acts as your personalized public profile which brings clients and projects directly to you
  • It acts as a doorway to the EditFast web site attracting clients and bringing their business to us all

The more pages there are on the EditFast web site the better the chances of attracting clients. All clients who contact you through your personal web page are yours.

  • For those editors who have had their Web pages and profiles enabled, when a client clicks the "Contact this editor" link on the editor's web page the message is sent directly to the EMC (Editor's Message Center). A notification that there is a message waiting is sent to the editor's email address. The editor is then free to negotiate with the client and accept or decline the project. If the project is declined the editor MUST contact me and let me know the situation. For all projects the editor gets 70% of the final negotiated price. The client pays EditFast and EditFast pays the editor via PayPal or other means if necessary.

Page Promoter

Enabled editors have free access to a Web Page promotion tool developed specifically to help you get your web page listed on hundreds of search engines and directories like Yahoo, Google, Hotbot, AltaVista, MSN, Netscape, and numerous others. This is a key element in your self-promotion strategy because it allows you to renew your listing on all the search engines every month. This keeps the search engines aware that your page is active and they will frequent it more often which means that it will be listed somewhere in the search results pages of hundreds of search engines. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of a top listing simply because I have very little control over what is placed on your web page and I have no control over the pages from other sites that rank above yours. I will continue to give you hints and directions about how to create a good page that will get listed but in the end it is up to you to find strategies to move your page up in the ranks.

Editing Tests

There are three editing/proofreading tests which must be completed. Each test is a separate item and once you start one of the tests you must complete it in that browser session. You do not have to complete all three tests in one session or even in one day. You can come back at anytime and complete the tests you have not yet attempted. Your test scores are only available to you and the EditFast administration. The test is only one factor in the decision making process when choosing the appropriate editor for a project. The editing tests are mainly used as a screening tool so that we can provide the highest quality editing service to our clients.

Grammar Resource

The Grammar Resource is your first stop to find information about those nit-picky details of the English language. This is a free resource available to all EditFast editors.


The EditFast "WebSpellCheck" application allows you to search the web for web pages that contain spelling errors (There are millions of them!) and then discreetly contact the Web site owner or the author of the page pointing out the error and at the same time pointing out that your editing skills are available through EditFast. All contacts made through this method will be assigned by the EditFast admin to the editor who contacted the client. The client will be able to contact the editor through EditFast via a link in the email sent to them. This system will be strictly monitored. This option is still in development. All registered EditFast editors will be notified in the near future when this option comes on-line. Your patience is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please email me. Coming Soon!

Resume Trumpet

Trumpet your skills by sending your EditFast resume to a wide variety of publishers, magazine editorial staff, HR people, translation companies, and many others interested in acquiring the editing skills of professionals. This option is still in development. All registered EditFast editors will be notified in the near future when this option comes on-line. Your patience is appreciated. If you have any questions or concerns please email me. Coming Soon!

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