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You wouldn't show up to a meeting with an important client with stains on your clothes and hair that's a mess. But when you show your clients written materials that contain typos, it looks just as unprofessional. Sure, you hired a crackerjack typist, and you went over the text and it sounded great. But if you didn't hire a professional proof reader, you might still have a reason to be nervous. A proof reader can save you money. Clients love perfection, and they do judge you on it. Just leaving a single comma out of a sentence can change its whole meaning. And leaving a zero out can change a million to a hundred thousand. A proof reader is a skilled reader. He or she goes over your work with a fine tooth comb, finding typos and grammatical errors, making sure names and other terms are spelled consistently, and looking for common errors such as double words. Even if you proof read your work carefully, it is usually not enough. In fact, your own errors are the hardest to spot because you've probably looked at your document so many times. And just using a computer spell checker will not find words that are easily confused but not necessary spelled wrong; for instance, using ԩt'sԠwhen it should be ԩtsԠwill not be caught by the spell checker. Even if your program has a grammar checker, many mistakes can still get through. There is no substitute for a skilled proof reader, someone who cares about your work. Hiring a proof reader is quite affordable and can literally save your business.

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