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Q: How did EditFast get started?
Q: What does EditFast do?
Q: Is it safe to send documents to EditFast?
Q: What qualifications do EditFast's editors, writers, and proofreaders possess?
Q: Can I choose my own editor?
Q: How much does it cost?

Q: How did EditFast get started?

Company Profile

EditFast specializes in the editing of English documents for businesses and for individuals.

EditFast is wholly owned and operated by me, Robert Kidd. I have been a document editor for 17 years with experience in a wide variety of fields. For more information on my editing and other work experience see my personal letter and resume.

EditFast was conceived late one night five years ago while working to a deadline on several documents. The workload was tremendous at that time so the idea to locate other qualified editors to help me was a natural occurrence and was acted upon the next day. Originally, the plan was to pass on to freelance editors the extra work which I could not handle. The idea gradually expanded and I began to think of a place where editors could come to discuss editing and writing issues as well as have access to resources which would propel their career and help them gain new clients.

Aside from editing skills, a talent with the English language, reliability, and professionalism, the one quality I look for in a professional editor is the ability to envision the underlying purpose of a client's documents. This is the key to the success of EditFast, and fundamental to the high quality work produced by the EditFast team of editors and proofreaders.

The speed of our work is legendary according to our clients' testimonials but our focus is on producing high quality writing for every professional field. EditFast has access to specialists in a wide variety of editing and writing disciplines: business documents, financial reports, educational materials, speeches, technical manuals, Web documents, novels, scholarly works, personal letters.

Our goal is to provide you with the best editor for your specific editing needs.

Q: What does EditFast do?

A: Our proofreaders can edit and proofread to create the professionally polished document you have in mind.

EditFast provides high-quality proofreaders for editing, writing, and proofreading of business reports, letters, contracts, technical documents, web documents, books, advertising copy, product packaging, manuals, text books, and more!

Take a look at some of the testimonials from our clients.

Q: Is it safe to send documents to EditFast?

A: When you submit your documents to our proofreaders for editing or proofreading, you can rest assured that they are safe and secure with EditFast. (See our privacy and security policy for more.)

I should also add that, after signing up and going through our rigorous screening process and testing procedures, all our editors, proofreaders, and writers must agree to a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting them from disclosing the contents of your documents to anyone without your approval.

Q: What qualifications do EditFast's editors, writers, and proofreaders possess?

A: All EditFast freelance editors, proofreaders, writers, and copy editors are professionally qualified and tested and have a degree from a recognized university. Our screening procedure also includes testing for editing, writing, and proofreading skills using the Prentice Hall test for proofreaders.

During the sign-up procedure we conduct a close examination of references, past experience, and writing samples. On top of that, the work of each editor receives an ongoing examination; their editing performance is assessed and a record is maintained in their personal profile. Feedback provided by you as well as my personal observation of every editing, writing or proofreading project that leaves EditFast is recorded and kept in a personal profile maintained for each editor and constantly referred to when choosing the right person to edit your documents.

Q: Can I choose my own proofreaders?

A: Yes you can. Click here to begin your search. You can also simply submit your document and let us choose the appropriate editor according to your specific needs.

Whether your editing or proofreading project is small, large, technical, Web-based, business related, or personal, you will always have a choice of how you want to proceed with the project.

When you submit your document for an estimate you receive a confirmation email. In that email there is a link that will take you to your personalized Registered Clients' Area. There you have numerous options to choose from. Using the Editor Search function you can search among the 1,452 (as of this morning, ) professional editors, writers, and proofreaders in the EditFast database to find the editor who has the qualifications you seek.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are so many variables involved in the editing and writing process that, in order to give you a fair estimate on the cost of editing your document, we need to see it first. Estimates are not given out before we actually take a look. However, after you submit your document an estimate will be returned to you immediately. Estimates are free, of course.

Click here for more information on how EditFast decides the rate for a specific document.

EditFast is one of many sites belonging to GVLS Inc.

If quality is your goal and speed is your need, let us do your editing! Our professional editors, proofreaders, and writers will make your documents stand out, stand up, and get noticed!

We guarantee you will be more than satisfied!

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