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Test Markers and Script Raters Needed for Regular Part-time Work

Are you a university graduate (any 4-year degree) and native English speaker looking for part-time work at $18$25/hr as an English Test Marker or Script Rater?

Click here to begin the Test Marker registration process.

The largest English proficiency testing companies in Japan are searching for online Test Markers, or Script Raters as they call them. Script Raters rate and assess short, hand-written paragraphs and spoken recordings called "scripts" submitted by English proficiency test candidates in Japan. The marking will be done online through a marking interface for which training will be given. In addition to a university degree, you will need a Windows OS (No Macintosh).

The two largest English proficiency testing companies in Japan are eagerly seeking people from EditFast for these Script Rater positions because they know that our editors and writers have already been tested and vetted through the tough EditFast registration requirements, which you will also need to complete and pass before registration as a Script Rater / Test Marker.

Over 500,000 people are tested for their English proficiency every year in Japan, and EditFast is in a good position to acquire even more clients who will need hundreds, if not thousands, of Test Markers in the near future.

Script Rater and Test Markers Requirements

The following are the strict requirements for these positions and for registration on EditFast:

  1. Native or native-like English speakers;
  2. A 4-yr. university degree in any subject;
  3. Complete and pass with a high score the EditFast tests of English grammar, spelling, and syntax;
  4. A written submission checked by professional editors;
  5. Pass a personal assessment of your abilities in English and your suitability for a position as a Script Rater (Test Marker).

Benefits of Being a Script Rater

  1. Work from home
  2. Part-time, ongoing work during regular testing sessions 48 times throughout the year, every year.
  3. A 23 hour training session is required. (Some companies pay for this training period and some do not).
  4. Good remuneration at approx. US $15$25/hr. Pay is on a per-script basis so the hourly rate you earn will depend on the number of scripts rated per hour. (These rates are based on previous experience for trained Script Raters.)
  5. With experience you will earn more. The more you do this work, the faster and more accurate your script assessments will be and the more money you will make.

Why the Sudden Need for Test Markers?

The Japanese government, specifically The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, has a long-term plan in place to standardize ESL testing and requirements from kindergarten to university while moving the testing to the private sector. (See excerpts from the Mainichi News below.)

What's the news about testing and Test Markers in Japan?

The following excerpts are from the original article posted online September 1, 2016 by Japan's major daily newspaper the Mainichi News.

"A new standardized academic achievement exam targeting those wishing to enter universities . . . will incorporate privately run English testing . . . ."

"The decision is aimed at evaluating test takers' overall English levels in four categories: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said it is looking to entrust the English exam entirely to private test creators in the future . . . ."

"As the education ministry has placed importance on improving people's communication skills in English in an age of globalization, the new standardized exam to be launched in the 2020 academic year will test four skill categories, including speaking and writing."

"The use of English assessment tests provided by private companies is rapidly spreading in college entrance exams. About 43 percent of national universities, 26 percent of public ones and 46 percent of private ones, or 43 percent overall, used or planned to use privately run exams...."

Test markers needed for regular part-time work

Are you a university graduate (any 4-year degree) and native English speaker looking for part-time work at $18-$25/hr as an English Test Marker or Script Rater?

Click here to begin the Test Marker registration process.

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