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Writers Needed for Service Descriptions Writing Task
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Writers Needed for Service Descriptions Writing Task

Write Service Descriptions Tied to Main Keywords
for EditFast's Writing and Editing Services

Read these instructions carefully before you request the "Main Keyword and its associated Related Keywords" file:

  1. What is a Service Description?
    1. Service Descriptions are connected to a Keyword Group consisting of a single Main Keyword and 2-5 Related Keywords.
    2. Service Descriptions provide information about the various writing and editing services being offered by EditFast and its writers and editors.
    3. These Service Descriptions will eventually be found on the local site-search results pages along with short profiles of writers and editors who provide the service(s) being described. For example, if a client comes to the EditFast website and then uses the EditFast site-search function by inputting the term "novel editors," short profiles of EditFast "novel editors" will be displayed on a single page with the Service Description for "Novel Editors."
    4. EXAMPLE: Click here to see the PDF mock-up of an editing and writing service descriptions page showing a future EditFast local-search results page for the term "Novel Editors" (open in Acrobat Reader to see the comments).
    5. Service Descriptions should be informative, clear, precise, and useful to the client looking for the specific service.
    6. Service Descriptions are approx. 300 words in total, including all four components listed below:
        1. Each Service Description should have a Title of a maximum length of 9 words.
        2. The Title should use just one of either the Main Keyword or Related Keywords at the beginning (first or second word) of the title.
        3. DO NOT use the Main Keyword more than once in the title and DO NOT use the Main Keyword AND a Related Keyword in the same title.
        1. Define the Main Keyword Phrase within the context of how it applies to the service provided to EditFast's clients under that Main Keyword by the Service Providers whose short profiles will appear on that page.
        2. Feel free to use a dictionary or as a guideline if you wish, but DO NOT copy it word for word.
        3. There is freedom for creativity here but not at the expense of clarity or meaning.
        4. The definition should be approximately 1-3 sentences (40 words max.)
      3. Service Description Part 1
        1. Each Service Description should be a minimum of 220 words (not including the Title, the Secondary Title, or the Definition).
        2. Each Service Description you write will be based on one Main Keyword Phrase plus a group of 1-5 Related Keywords
        3. The density of the keywords in the Service Description should be no more than .1%. (one Main Keyword or Related Keyword per 100 words.
        4. This is a description of the services provided by the EditFast writers and editors in relation to the Main Keyword and Related Keywords
        5. This is a description of the skills and talents of the writers and editors, in relation to the Main Keyword and Related Keywords
      4. Secondary Title
        1. Each Service Description should have a Secondary Title of a maximum length of 9 words using a single Related Keyword (not the Main Keyword) at the beginning of the title.
        2. The Secondary Title should appear at the halfway point through the Service Description (See an example Service Description here: Example of "Novel Editing" Service Description
      5. Service Description Part 2
        1. Description of and naming/listing of the types of documents the editors whose short profiles are displayed on that search results page, for those keywords, can write or edit
        2. Description of benefits for the client. What does the client get? What can the writers and editors do for the client who needs the services related to the Main Keyword and Related Keywords.
  2. What are they NOT?
    1. These Service Descriptions are NOT promoting EditFast directly. DO NOT mention "EditFast," "," or "this site," etc.
    2. These should NOT be written in "promotional" or "sales" hype.
    3. They should NOT be frustratingly self-evident and redundant SEO trash.
    4. These Service Descriptions should NOT be written for the keyword or for the Google bot. Write about the topic in natural language for the human client.
  3. How do I start?
    1. To start, contact EditFast now and request a "Main Keyword and its associated Related Keywords" file: Contact Robert Kidd:
  4. What we Don't Do
    1. You may notice the lack of "student" or "essay" or "assignment" related keywords. We are not offering help to students who should be doing the work themselves. That is against the EditFast policy. While writing these Service Descriptions do not refer to this kind of college/university/high school work or use the following words in your Service Descriptions:
      1. students
      2. assignments
      3. essays
      4. theses
      5. dissertations
      6. term paper
      7. etc.
    2. What We Do Do!
      1. Provide help through editing and writing services for academics who want editing or proofreading or research done with the goal to publish their journal articles or manuscripts;
      2. Provide help to publishers of all kinds, including print, web, and publishers of other language-based media;
      3. Provide editing services to individual authors of fiction, non-fiction, biographies, textbooks, and manuscripts of all kinds;
      4. Provide writing and editing services for small businesses and international corporations;
      5. Provide writing and editing services for municipal governments, state and provincial governments, and federal governments.

    Copyright EditFast. Created on Sept. 12, 2016

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