Adjectives and Adverbs

Part 2: Adverbs

Using Adverbs
Adverbs are words that describe verbs (action), or other describing words (generally adjectives, and other adverbs). Adverbs answer these questions: "Where?" "When?" "How?" "How much?"

Examples (the italicized words are adverbs):

• Do the job quickly (do the job how?)
• It is good enough (how good?)
• It was very expensive (how expensive?)
• Read the letter immediately (when?)
• Don't leave it there (where?)

Modifiers: Saying It in Color with Adjectives and Adverbs

Just as some adjectives are made from two or more words, many adverbs are adverb phrases. For example, in "he will work for an hour in the morning," the phrase "in the morning" answers the question "when?" And in "she works part time for us," "part-time" answers the question "how?" or "how much?"

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