Homonyms are words that sound like other words. They can be confusing to writers who have not previously encountered them. Examples of common homonyms are "there" and "their." Below is a list of homonyms and other frequently confused words.


a - an article in the English language
eh - an interrogative utterance
acts - things done
ax - chopping tool
ad - short for advertisement
add - short for addition
adds - performs additions
ads - more than one advertisement
adze - axe- like tool
ade - fruit beverage
aid - to assist
aide - an assistant
aerie - eagle's nest
airy - breezy
aero - of aircraft
arrow - slender - pointed shaft
affect - to change
effect - result
ail - sick
ale - beer
air - stuff we breathe
are - 1/100th of a hectare
e'er - contraction of "ever"
ere - eventually
err - to make a mistake
heir - one who will inherit
aisle - walkway
I'll - contraction of "I will"
isle - island
all - everything
awl - pointed scriber
allowed - permitted
aloud - spoken
altar - raised center of worship
alter - to change
an - a single instance
Ann - a woman's name
ant - insect
aunt - parent's sister
ante - preliminary bet
auntie - sister of a parent
arc - portion of a circle
ark - vessel
ascent - the climb
assent - to agree
ate - past tense of eat
eight - the number base of octal
auger - a drill
augur - foretell
aught - anything
ought - should
aural - of hearing
oral - of the mouth
auricle - external part of the ear
oracle - seer
away - distant
aweigh - just clear of the bottom
awed - in a state of wonder
odd - not usual
aweful - filled with awe
awful - really bad
offal - butchered entrails
aye - naval affirmative
eye - ocular organ
I - oneself

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