bail - bucket handle
bale - bundle of hay
bailed - pumping water out of a boat
baled - to gather into a bale
bailee a person to whom goods are committed for custody or repair
bailey - the outer wall of a castle
bailie - a municipal officer in Scotland
bailer - one who bails (water)
bailor - a person that entrusts goods to a bailee
baler - one who bales (hay)
bailing - pumping water out of a boat
baling - wire used to tie bales
bait - to torment
bate - to lessen
baited - past tense of bait
bated - past tense of bate
baiting - tormenting
bating - lessening
baize - green felt
bays - one or more enclosed arms of the ocean
beys - one or more Turkish officials
bald - hairless
balled - carnal knowledge
bawled - cried aloud
ball - playful orb
bawl - to cry
band - a group
banned - forbidden
bard - a poet
barred - enclosed by poles
bare - naked
bear - wild ursine
bark - outer sheath of a tree
barque - square-rigged sailing ship
baron - minor royalty
barren - unable to bear children
Barry - a man's name
berry - small fruit
bury - to take under
basal - forming the base
basil - an herb
base - the bottom support for anything
bass - the lowest musical pitch or range
based - supported
baste - to swab with liquid during cooking
bases - what baseball players like to steal
basis - principal constituent of anything
basses - many four-stringed guitars
bask - to warm oneself pleasantly
basque - tight fitting bodice or tunic (or - people of the Pyrenees)
bat - a blind - flying rodent
batt - a flat pad
baud - bits per second
bawd - brothel manager
bay - an enclosed arm of the ocean
bey - a Turkish official
be - to exist
bee - pollinating buzzer
beach - where i want to be
beech - a type of tree
bean - a legume
been - past tense of be
beat - to hit
beet - edible red root
beau - male friend
bow - a curve or bend; double-slipped reef knot
beaut - slang for beauty - beautiful
butte - steep sided hill
been - past tense of be
bin - a box or container
beer - universally brewed comfort food
bier - a temporary frame for a coffin
bel - indian thorn tree
Bel - Babylonian god
bell - ding ding
belle - beautiful woman
berth - anchorage
birth - your method of arrival
besot - to get drunk
besought - past tense of beseech
better - superior
bettor - one who bets
bight - middle of a rope
bite - a mouthful
byte - eight bits
billed - has a bill
build - to construct
bit - past tense of bite
bitt - large cleat for tying up ships
blew - past tense of blow
blue - color of California sky
bloc - an alliance
block - square object
boar - wild pig
Boer - a South African of Dutch descent
boor - tasteless buffoon
bore - not interesting
board - a plank
bored - not interested
boarder - lodger who gets meals - too
border - perimeter
bode - an omen
bowed - curved
bold - brave
bowled - knocked over
bolder - more courageous
boulder - large rock
bole - trunk
boll - round seed pod
bowl - dish
boos - disparaging sounds from fans
booze - whiskey
born - brought into life
borne - past participle of bear
bourn - a small stream or boundary
borough - township
burrow - dig into the ground
bough - tree branch
bow - front of a ship; respectful bend
buoy - navigational aid
boy - male child
bra - brassiere
braw - well-groomed
braid - a weave of three strands
brayed - a donkey cried
braise - cook with oil and water
brays - loud - harsh cry
brake - stopping device
break - to split apart
breach - to break through
breech - the back part
bread - a loaf
bred - past tense of breed
brewed - fermented
brood - family
brews - more than one beer
bruise - a contusion
bridal - pertaining to brides
bridle - horse's headgear
broach - to raise a subject
brooch - an ornament fastened to clothes
brows - multiple foreheads
browse - grazing
bundt - type of cake
bunt - hit a pitch without swinging
burger - meat sandwich
burgher - merchant
bus - large multi-passenger vehicle
buss - a kiss
bussed - kissed
bust - head and shoulders sculpture
but - excepting
butt - the thick end
buy - to purchase
by - near
bye - farewell
buyer - one who purchases
byre - a cow barn

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