cache - hidden storage
cash - legal tender
cached - hidden away
cashed - converted to legal tender
calendar - chart of days
calender - paper press
call - to summon
caul - amnionic membrane
col - a mountain pass
caller - one who calls
collar - my cat has collar ID
can't - contraction of "can not"
cant - a bevel
cannon - big gun
canon - body of law
canter - a moderate gallop
cantor - singer
canvas - rough cloth
canvass - to examine thoroughly
capital - most important
capitol - center of government
carat unit of weight for precious stones - equal to 200 milligrams
caret - proofreader's insertion mark
carrot - edible orange root
karat - one 24th part of otherwise pure gold
carol - Christmas song
carrel - study enclosure
carpal - a bone of the carpus
carpel - a pistil
cast - to throw
caste - a social class
caster - one who throws
castor - beaver's smelly gland
cause - generative force
caws - sounds of crows
cay - a low island
key - opens locks
quay - a wharf
cedar - an evergreen tree
seeder - one who broadcasts seeds
cede - to give
seed - part of a plant from which a new one grows
ceding - giving
seeding - planting
ceiling - top of the room
sealing - to close a package or envelope
cell - a small room
sell - to exchange for money
cellar - under a house
seller - one who sells
censer - incense dish
censor - bad people who fear knowledge
sensor - a device which detects
census - numbering
senses - faculties
cent - one hundredth of a dollar
scent - an aroma
sent - dispatched
cents - hundredths of a dollar
scents - many things to smell
sense - detection equipment
cere - waxy fleshy covering at the base of the upper beak in some birds
sear - to scorch
seer - a prophet
sere - natural succession of plant or animal communities
cereal - grains
serial - numbers in sequence
Ceres - Roman Goddess of agriculture
series - a sequence of things
cession - giving up
session - a group sitting
chalk - calcareous earthy substance
chock - wedge to keep wheels from rolling
chance - happenstance
chants - more than one litany
chard - spinach- like vegetable
charred - burnt
chased - quickly followed
chaste - virginal
check - a tic mark
Czech - from Czechoslovakia
chews - masticating
choose - to select
Chile - a South American country
chili - dried pod of red pepper
chilly - uncomfortably cool
choir - church singers
quire - the twentieth part of a ream of paper
choler - yellow bile
collar - around your neck
choral - by a chorus
coral - marine polyp skeleton
chorale - a choir
corral - a pen for horses
chord - three tones in harmony
cord - very light rope
cored - divested of its central part
chute - inclined trough
shoot - to project an object
cite - to refer to
sight - vision
site - a location
cited - referenced
sighted - visually identified
sited - located
cites - past tense of cite
sights - tourist rationale
sites - more than one location
clack - a chattering sound
claque - a group hired to applaud - sycophants
Claus - fat - jolly guy with presents
clause - contractual unit
claws - big fingernails
clew - sheet cringle on a sail
clue - a hint
click - ticking noise
clique - exclusive group
climb - ascending
clime - climate
close - to shut
clothes - garments
coal - black mineral
cole - plants in the crucifer family
coaled - supplied with coal
cold - not supplied with coal
coarse - rough
course - path of travel
coat - wear it for warmth
cote - small animal shed
coax - persuade
cokes - more than one soft drink
cocks - more than one male bird
cox - a coxswain
Cox - a variety of eating apple
coddling - tenderly treating
codling - small - unripe apple
coffer - a strongbox; decorative - sunken ceiling panels
cougher - one who coughs
coin - money
quoin - corner stone
colonel - military officer
kernel - seed
complacence - self-satisfaction
complaisance - willingness to please
complacent - self-satisfied
complaisant - willing to please
complement - allotment
compliment - encomium
conch - marine mollusk
conk - blow to the head
coo - a soft murmuring sound
coup - a successful stroke
copes - gets along with adversity
copse - a stand of trees
copped - swiped
copt - a native Egyptian to a Roman
cops - police officers
copse - a small wood
core - inner part
corps - body
cosign - to sign in addition
cosine - sine of the complement
council - group of leaders
counsel - advisor
craft - a manual occupation
kraft - a strong paper made from wood pulp
crater - impact hole
krater - ancient Greek jar
Crays - more than one supercomputer
craze sensation needed to buy more than one supercomputer
creak - to squeak
creek - small stream
crewed - served by a crew
crude - coarse
crewel - embroidery yarn
cruel - merciless
crews - more than one crew
cruise - a sea journey
cue - a signal
Kew - home of the famous English gardens
queue - a waiting line (another famous English- ism)
currant - small berry
current - of the present
curser - one who swears
cursor - on-screen positional indicator
cygnet - a young swan
signet - an authenticating seal
cymbal - percussive brass dish
symbol - a representation

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