gaff - a barbed spear
gaffe - a mistake
gage - a pledge or security deposit
gauge - instrument for measuring
gait - a manner of walking or running
gate - fence door
gaited - describing a walking horse
gated - having a gate
galley - ship's kitchen
gally - to frighten or terrify
gallop - horse's fastest gait
galop - a round dance
gays - a frisky gathering
gaze - a languid look
gene - a chromosome
jean - cotton twill
gild - to coat with gold
gilled - having gills
guild - a craft society
gilt - gold-plated
guilt - culpable
gin - alcoholic beverage
jinn - plural of jinni - a Muslim spirit or demon
gnawed - chewed
nod - head tilting
gneiss coarse-grained metamorphic rock of feldspar - quartz and mica
nice - pleasant
gnu - African antelope
knew - past tense of know
new - not old
gnus - several antelope
news - timely information
gored - pierced by an animal's horns
gourd - fleshy fruit with hard skin
gorilla - large ape
guerrilla - irregular soldier
grade - a slope
grayed - turned gray
graft - to attach
graphed - plotted
grate - a lattice
great - extremely good
grays - more than one shade of black
graze - to eat grass while wandering
grease - lubricant
Greece - Mediterranean country
greave - leg armor
grieve - to mourn
greaves - more than one greave
grieves - to mourn
grill - to sear cook
grille - an iron gate or door
groan - reaction to hearing a pun
grown - has gotten larger
guessed - past tense of guess
guest - a visitor
guide - one who shows the way
guyed - secured with a rope or wire
guise - appearance
guys - Garrison Keillor's obsession
gunnel - small - eel-shaped marine fish; butterfish
gunwale - upper part of sides of a boat
gym - sports room
Jim - nickname for James

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