leak - accidental escape of liquid
leek - variety of onion
lean - angle of repose
lien - a claim on property
leas - more than one meadow
lees - the dregs
leased - rented
least - the minimum
lends - allows to borrow
lens - convex glass
lessen - to reduce
lesson - a segment of learning
liar - tells falsehoods
lyre - stringed instrument
lichen - a fungus among us
liken - to compare
lie - an untruth
lye - a caustic
lieu - instead
loo - British toilet
Lou - short for Louis
lightening - removing weight or darkness
lightning - static electricity from the sky
limb - tree branch
limn - delineate
limbs - arms or legs
limns - to illuminate - as in a manuscript
links - pieces of chain
lynx - feral cat
literal - taking words in their primary sense
littoral - having to do with the shore
lo - interjection
low - not high
load - cargo
lode - mineral vein
load - what is carried
lowed - a cow mooed
loan - allow to borrow
lone - by itself
loch - a lake
lock - a security device
lochs - more than one lake
locks - more than one security device
lox - salmon jerky
loon - a water fowl
lune - a crescent shape
loop - a circular pattern
loupe - a jeweler's monocular magnifier
loos - several British toilets
lose - fail to win
loot - ill- gotten gains
lute - stringed instrument
lumbar - lower back
lumber - dimensional wood

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