reign - sovereign rule
rein - horse's steering wheel
raise - elevate
rays - thin beams of light
raze - to tear down completely
"raise" is the antonym of "raze"
rap - a sharp knock
wrap - to encase in cloth
rapped - knocked sharply
rapt - spellbound
wrapped - encased in cloth
ray - arrow of light
re - musical note
read - having knowledge from reading
red - a primary color
read - to get the meaning by looking
rede - advice
reed - tall - thin water plant
reading - what you are doing now
reeding - a small semi-cylindrical moulding or ornamentation
reads - gets the meaning by looking
reeds - more than one aquatic plant
real - authentic
reel - armature for winding
recede - to move backward
reseed - to plant again
reck - to care
wreck - a ruin
reek - smells bad
wreak - to inflict
resinate - to impregnate with resin
resonate - sympathetic vibration
resisters - protesters
resistors - electrical restrictors
rest - stop working
wrest - take away
retch - call Ralph on the porcelain telephone
wretch - a ragamuffin
review - a general survey or assessment
revue - a series of theatrical sketches or songs
rheum - watery discharge of mucous
room - partitioned space
rheumy - having a watery discharge of mucous
roomie - colloquialism for "roommate"
roomy - lots of space
rho - seventeenth letter of Greek alphabet
roe - fish eggs
row - aisle; pull an oar
rhumb - a constant compass direction
rum - liquor distilled from sugar cane
rhyme - a verse with regular recurrence of sounds
rime - frost
rigger - one who rigs
rigor - discipline
right - correct
rite - ritual
wright - a maker
write - to inscribe
ring - circle around your finger
wring - twisting
rise - to stand up
ryes - varieties of grain
road - a broad trail
rode - past tense of ride
rowed - to propel a boat by oars
roam - to wander
Rome - Italian capital
roil - to make turbid
royal - worthy of a king or queen
role - part to play
roll - rotate
rood - a cross
rude - coarse
roomer - a tenant
rumor - gossip
root - subterranean part of a plant
route - path of travel
rose - pretty flower
rows - linear arrangement
rot - decay
wrought - made
rote - by memory
wrote - has written
rough - coarse
ruff - pleated collar
rout - to force out
route - path of travel
roux - cooked butter and flour
rue - regret
rude - impolite
rued - regretted
rye - grain
wry - twisted

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