tach - short for tachometer
tack - small nail
tacks - small nails
tax - governmental tithe
tail - spinal appendage
tale - story
tailer - one who hauls in on a ship's line
tailor - one who makes clothes
taper - wedge-shaped
tapir - hog-like - Malaysian mammal
tare - allowance for the weight of packing materials
tear - to rip
taught - past tense of teach
taut - stretched tight
tea - herbal infusion
tee - golf ball prop
ti - musical note
team - a group working together
teem - to swarm
teaming - a fortuitous pairing
teeming - a swarming
tear - eyeball lubricant
tier - a horizontal row
teas - more than one herbal infusion
tease - tantalize
tees - more than one tee
tenner - English slang for a ten pound note
tenor - tendency
tense - nervous
tents - more than one temporary shelter
tern - a shorebird
terne - alloy of lead and tin
turn - rotate
Thai - from Thailand
tie - a draw
the - denoting persons already mentioned
thee - objective case of thou
their - belonging to them
there - a place
they're - contraction of "they are"
threw - to propel by hand
through - from end to end
throe - a spasm of pain
throw - to discharge through the air
throes - spasms of pain
throws - discharging through the air
throne - the royal seat
thrown - was hurled
thyme - herb
time natures way of keeping everything from happening at once
tic - twitch
tick - small noise; parasitic bug
ticks - the sounds of a clock
tics - more than one twitch
tide - periodic ebb and flow of oceans
tied - passed tense of tie
tighten - to make tighter
titan - a giant
timber - wood for building
timbre - musical quality
tire - round - rubber things on your car
tyer - one who ties
to - toward
too - also
two - a couple
toad - frog
toed - having toes
towed - pulled ahead
tocsin - an alarm
toxin - a poison
tocsins - more than one alarm
toxins - more than one poisons
toe - forepart of the foot
tow - to pull ahead
told - what was spoken
tolled - a bell was rung
tole - lacquered metalware
toll - a tax or charge
ton - 2000 lbs.
Tun - a large cask
tongue - mouth muscle
tung - Chinese tree and its oil (similar to linseed)
toon - cartoon personality
tune - song
tort - a sweet cake for lawyers
torte - a sweet cake for kids
tough - difficult
tuff - a stratified - porous rock
tracked - having tracks
tract - a plot of land
tray - a platter
trey - three; Bill Gates' nickname
troop - a company of soldiers
troup - a company of actors
trooper - a private soldier
trouper - a staunch colleague
troopers - several soldiers
troupers - multiple actors
trussed - tied up
trust - faith

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