Quotation Marks

Use of Quotation Marks in Dialog

In dialog, use quotations to set off the spoken words, separating other material with proper punctuation. It is important to maintain the correct grammatical sentence structure, ensuring that each independent clause has a subject and a verb. If two independent clauses are formed through the use of quotations, it is important to separate them with a period or semi-colon.


• "I can't wait for the weekend," Marcie said.
• "Please put down your pens," the teacher said. "The test time has elapsed."

If the writer or speaker you are quoting uses quotes within his/her own writing or speaking, use single quotation marks to set apart the quote within the larger quote. Proper use of quotation marks to indicate quotations within quotations:

• The candidate did not appreciate the attacks against him by his opponents. "When you call me 'dishonest and selfish,' I think you are engaging in personal attacks," the candidate said.

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