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We strongly recommend that you read this entire page as it contains important information and directions. However, if you wish to go directly to the registration form, click here

We need you because you are a skilled proofreader, editor, or writer. EditFast takes pride in the quality of the work we do and in the speed of our editors. We want the best!

This is a freelance opportunity. We cannot guarantee that there will be work available, but if you have the qualifications EditFast's clients are looking for, and if you are patient, there may be projects for you in the future. You should be aware, however, that EditFast has no obligation to provide work for you now or at any time in the future. Completing the registration process and passing the EditFast review does not necessarily mean you will receive projects. It simply means you are eligible to receive projects and your Web page is available for EditFast's clients to view and perhaps choose you as their editor. If you are selected for a project by a client or by the EditFast administration you will be notified and that project will be directed to you.

Only those editors whose Web pages have been activated are eligible to receive New Project Notifications. For those who are not successful, all information connected to your email address will be deleted, and notification of this will be sent (This can take anywhere from one day to two weeks).

EditFast provides a free service to freelance editors. There are promotional tools provided to help the activated editors promote their free Web pages and their skills and talents as editors. When new projects are received from clients by the EditFast administration these projects will be sent out to the best qualified editor, taking into consideration the needs of the client and the needs of the document. Our goal is to provide fast, quality service to our clients and send work to as many editors as possible. However, at no time is EditFast under any obligation to provide work to any editor. You are a freelancer. You are free to search for opportunities wherever they might be. EditFast is one of those opportunities.

How the EditFast System Works

  1. Registration and Activating Your Web Page

  2. Receiving New Project Notifications

  3. Payment

  4. Restrictions

  5. Requirements

  6. Useful Qualifications

  7. Privacy of Your Information

  8. Beginning the EditFast Resume Builder Process

  9. The Registration Form

How the EditFast System Works
  1. Registration and Activating Your Web Page

    • To begin, all potential editors must register and complete the following steps
      1. Resume Builder
      2. Editing Tests
      3. Non-disclosure agreement
      4. Web Page Builder
    • Next, you must wait until EditFast reviews your submitted information and your Web page.
    • If successful, you will be notified that your Web page and profile have been "Activated." (This can take anywhere from one day to two weeks)
    • Only those editors whose Web pages have been Activated are eligible to receive New Project Notifications.
    • For those who are not successful, all profile and related information will be deleted and notification of this will be sent. (This can take anywhere from one day to two weeks)

  2. Receiving New Project Notifications
  3. All those who receive notification from the EditFast administration that their Web page has been Activated are then eligible to receive New Project Notifications. EditFast does not guarantee that you will receive a New Project Notification and these notifications are not a guarantee of work. They are simply a message sent to notify you that a client or the EditFast admin has requested communication with you about a project. If you have the required skills, software, and are available at that time, then you will receive the project.

    New Project Notifications can come from two sources:

    A. New Project Notifications direct from potential clients.

    • If a client selects you as an editor, you will receive notification containing a link to the project description and the client's message. This notification will be sent to the email address you have registered with EditFast.
    • Download the document and look it over.
    • Click on "Create Estimate" on the project description page or in your project list and complete the estimate form.
    • The client will receive your estimate and either agree, decline, or submit a counter proposal. Continue until a decision has been made. Hopefully, an agreement will be reached.
    • It is entirely your responsibility to deal with clients and EditFast will not interfere in the process unless you need help. EditFast Admin is always available for consultation on any matter.

    B. New Project Notifications from the EditFast administration.

    • The process is similar to the above, but in this case the projects will sometimes be offered at a set rate and sometimes require an estimate.
    • The "client" is EditFast.

  4. Payment

    • Payments to editors will be made through PayPal.
    • Clients pay EditFast and EditFast pays the editors.
    • EditFast gets 40% of the final total project price whether the project comes directly from a client or from the EditFast administration.
    • Upon completion of a project the editor must submit a formal invoice to EditFast from the project description page.
    • EditFast pays all invoices on the last day of the month following the month of receipt of the invoice.

  5. Restrictions

    • Direct contact with a client is expressly forbidden except through the EditFast Message Center.
    • For security reasons and to maintain our client base you must never include your email address, telephone number, last name, mailing address, or any personal contact information of any kind in any message sent to an EditFast client or potential client.
    • Anyone found trying to circumvent these restrictions will no longer be eligible for New Project Notifications and all information related to that editor's email address, name and profile will be deleted from the editor database.
  6. Requirements
    • A degree from a recognized university
    • A wide variety of reading interests
    • A computer with an Internet connection
    • The usual word processing software
    • Past editing/proofreading experience
    • Computer/Internet savvy
  7. Useful Qualifications
    • Professional editing experience
    • Courses in proofreading/editing
    • A degree in English
    • Experience with editing documents that have been translated by non-native speakers
    • Specialized knowledge for specific fields of writing such as:
      • Medical
      • Technical
      • Computing
      • Mechanical
      • Patents
      • Literary Works
      • Novels
      • Translated business documents
      • Scholarly journal articles
      • Telecommunications
  8. Privacy of Your Information
    EditFast does not give out, sell, or trade your name, address, email address, telephone number, or any of your personal information to anyone or any company.
  9. Beginning the EditFast Resume Builder Process
    • To begin the EditFast Resume Builder process, fill in your contact information (name & email address) in the short form immediately below.
    • Clicking "Submit" will register you with EditFast and you will immediately (usually within the hour) receive a password and confirmation link by email. You MUST click this confirmation link.
    • This verification step is necessary for two reasons:
      • It allows us to verify that your email address has been entered correctly. (If you do not receive a confirmation letter by email within the hour then check to make sure you have entered your email address correctly.)
      • It allows us to make sure that someone else is not registering you by entering your email address.
    • When you click on the confirmation link you will go directly to the next step in the EditFast Resume Builder .
    • Once you have registered with your name and email address below and confirmed by clicking the link in the confirmation email, you will be able to return and complete the forms or update your online resume at any time by logging in from any page on the Web site.
    • You will not be eligible to receive New Project Notifications until your Web page has been Activated (See above for details)
  10. The Editor Registration Form

    To gain access to the Editors' Resource Area, click the "Register" button below.

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